Bow thruster

Propellers were born as a resource to save money and time by not having to be stranded anet unforeseen or call a tugboat. Firstly, they were only installed on large ships, then on yachts and other medium-sized vessels, and right now it is not unusual to see small boats, such as sailboats, with an installed propeller.

Bow thruster

The propellers of bow are very similar to conventional propellers, in smaller format and with the difference that the axis of rotation is transverse to the direction of the ship’s progress.

Currently, different manufacturers have many solutions to adapt their different models to practically any type of hull, making it easier to dock and tie down to the docks.

There are two fundamental advantages of bow propellers, on the one hand, they allow us to maneuver in narrow, complicated places and, above all, in unknown moorings. On the other hand, we will not be affected by the currents or by the effect of the despondency produced by the wind at the time of performing the maneuver. We could also add a third advantage, we can forget the evolutionary effects produced in the course of the combination of the propeller, rudder and ripped when we are performing maneuvers in both narrow and wide.

Where to buy a bow thruster ?

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Installing a bow thruster is not exactly a luxury. Having a maneuver propeller in the bow makes the lateral movements of the boat’s bow much easier, so often difficult to control by wind or currents. However, it is important to remember that due to the high consumption of the electric motors of the bow thrusters, it is advisable to use them only for a few seconds to finish or start a maneuver.

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