Galvanized anchor 12 KG

Traditionally, the anchor is one of the most recognized symbols of navigation, traditional anchors have always been related to their characteristic form, with the burly sailors who travel the world as adventurers, hence many use it as a tattoo and in these times even as keyrings, but in modern navigation this element has been neglected a bit and it turns out that it is still of vital importance to navigate with total safety. That’s why we highly recommend the 12 KG galvanized anchor that puts at your disposal, let us know more details of this important nautical article.

Its weight is optimal for medium or small boats. Some sailors are opting for smaller anchors each time, but it is important to remember that the anchor ends up being the only means of stopping the ship soon in case of an emergency, and the weight is important, although everything depends on several factors.

The terrain on which it is traditionally navigated is one of these factors, if you move normally only on sandy coasts you may find useful a type of strong anchor with a lot of grip that, on the other hand, in navigation on marine reserves, may be a risk for the marine environment.

Feel free to try the anchor. The nautical store offers you a two-year guarantee on its products. In addition, when acquiring an anchor, it is essential to test the grip of the anchor, even above its weight, the grip of the anchor is what takes most of its efficiency when holding the boat from the seabed.

It is important to use the anchor whenever it is necessary because it is not an instrument of adornment, the atmospheric conditions and incidents that can occur in full navigation leave certain problems that it is always advisable to prevent using correctly the anchor before any occasion that deserves it.

Its price? Of madness, in this important nautical store you will be able to acquire the anchor of 12 KG for less than 90 euros, do not wait and cover all the articles that your ship needs to sail with tranquility.

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