Taps for boats

Taps for boats are of different sizes and in the market there are different brands, which will have as sole objective the regulation of the water of the boat, for the different activities that can be done. In many occasions people spend more time on their boats than in their own homes, this is due to different reasons, such as, for example, people who work in their boats being their source of money income, are also used to travel vacations, but for this you must have all the amenities required in order to ensure the best possible trip.

Types of taps for boats

You can get three types of faucets that can be placed on boats:

Faucets for the exterior.

  1. Made of stainless steel, a material that is resistant to the sea conditions.
  2. 90 ° rotation allows a total grip, for greater ease.
  3. Capacity of 28 liters per minute
  4. Recommended for pressures below 60 PSI

Indoor faucet without lock

  1. Because they do not have a closure, they must be fitted to a foot pump.
  2. Allows a reduction of water consumption, which serves to keep water in the boats for longer during long trips
  3. 45 ° swivel
  4. They can have 2 water outlets.

Indoor tap.

  1. They have 1 to 2 air vents.
  2. Some can be cold or hot water

Recommendations for acquiring nautical taps

The boats are different, so for each space there is a faucet that perfectly adapts to the area, since the tap used for the kitchen is probably not the same one that can be used for bathroom sinks, what should take into account some factors before acquiring a tap.

  1. Where the tap is placed This is very important, because if it is on the outside you must have a tap of a material very resistant to outdoor conditions
  2. Tap size there are short, medium and long nautical taps, so the size should go according to the space that has the kitchen or bathroom.
  3. The type of tap Either without closing or closing, keeping in mind that the taps for boats without closing give the opportunity to save water inside the boat.

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